Reinke Mining Outing IMPORTANT UPDATE


(Email received from Reinke Mining Adventures & Services)

Upcoming outing update

Camptonville is getting snow this week and into the weekend. With this in mind, RGM staff will not be attending. We encourage anyone that still would like to go to continue on as planned. Just know that it will be bad weather and please be prepared with chains, and warm clothing etc. The outing will be closed to day use as RGM staff won’t be onsite to facilitate. Overnight cabin and camping members are still welcome to pan in camp, (remember it’s hands and pans only in camp) and utilize the upstream claim, where sluice boxes can be used. Please check with campground staff about specific rules and claim information ahead of time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Attention Gold Diggers: Please pay close attention to the weather and road condition reports and forecasts. Obviously, this change by Reinke crew will impact the nature of your trip if you opt to keep your original travel plan to go camping. Be safe!

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