2010 Picnic Update

I just have to post a brief ‘note’ about the picnic!   It started out like an episode of the Three Stooges, the stooges being me, myself and I.  The time, the events, the food, the picnic in general was changed, stirred up, twisted and  a jumble of misinformation.  WHAT A MESS!!!!!  But being the people we Gold Diggers are, we got things straightened, untwisted, organized and put in order,  Danny Laborin has never belonged to a club before, let alone held an office on a Board, but he put on his ‘PREZ’ pants and jumped in with both feet.  We assessed the problems, came up with remedies, and from what we heard from the attendees, it was a really fun, happy time for everyone.  One person even stated it felt great to be a kid again. Now that is HIGH praise!

Even with all the crazy mishaps, I had a really good time too.  There was lots of visiting, new friendships, smiles everywhere, and laughter.  The food came together, and although there was more than enough, there wasn’t the large amount of leftovers that we have had in years past.

Richard Giddens was unable to attend and run the ‘Cook Off’ so I took over with advice from Rosemarie Fisher and Danny L.  It might not have been the organized event Richard puts on, but it was definitely fun and there was complete audience participation.  I will give the names of the winners in the  Newsletter.  (I think Richard should run it again next year though. )

I missed seeing many of the members that usually attend the picnic.  I am being selfish, but I look forward to seeing the members at these casual, family-orientated events.  I like you guys a lot.

I got plenty of pictures, and I hope to collect more from the other members to give a more complete ‘album’ for your enjoyment.   As stated, I will give more details in the August newsletter, but I really wanted to tell you how much fun I had yesterday.  The site was perfect, and there is a silly story about our misconception of the Club House.  We early arrivals were trying to get into the Wash House; we were bitching and complaining about it being too small, shabby, etc.  Danny had a good laugh when he saw our faces.

I think the problems at the start of the picnic, and the ones that arose,  actually made the event  more enjoyable for all of us.  It’s  a good feeling to be with people willing to help work towards a solution to the benefit of everyone; people not willing to just sit on their fanny complaining.   It was such a good things, a gift really, that so many people offered to help and then jumped in with both feet and DID what they said they would . Are we a GREAT group of people, or what?

Special THANKS go to Stacie Laborin, Bob and Heidi Mitchell, Rosemarie Fisher, Kathy Madsen, and Danny’s son Buck; I know I’ve missed some of you but it’s not intentional, and I’ll catch you in the Newsletter.

Be prepared for a lot of funny anecdotes at the meeting; we’ve got a lot.

See you at the meeting this Wednesday,  July 21 at the Santa Rosa Vet’s Bldg.  Time is still 7:00 PM, and as always, many of us will come early to visit and solve world problems in the parking area.