The EPA Used Excessive Force on Alaska Prospectors

Gold Prospectors Get the Short End of the Stick from EPA Last year’s Environmental Protection Agency raid on the gold prospector town of Chicken, Alaska, constituted a clear case of overkill by federal authorities seeking violations of environmental regulations, according to an official review of the controversial incident released Thursday. The review also concluded that Read more about The EPA Used Excessive Force on Alaska Prospectors[…]

Is Facebook Worth Its Weight in Gold?

California’s $80 million OCM Gold Fund produced the chart for a presentation at a Denver Gold Group industry forum last week in New York, entitled “Gold Equity Investing for Value Seekers and Contrarians.” The presentation, which pitched unpopular gold mining equities, comes amid recent calls by some investors that gold miners’ shares represent an attractive bargain, especially if gold reverses its Read more about Is Facebook Worth Its Weight in Gold?[…]