April 2013 Nugget News


Time to remind you about the meeting this Wednesday at 7:00 pm.  Last month we had a good size attendance and here’s hoping for an even bigger one this month.

March minutes:  President Bill Lieberman opened the meeting.  We welcomed 4 new people.

Next Bill talked about outings, and then Pete  shared a lot of information helpful to members.    Someone asked if there was gold in this (Sonoma Co.) area.  This touched off a big discussion, involving pros and cons, what to look for in selecting a spot to work, copper, quarts, and many other things.    Charlie Cockle suggested trying to put together a Gold Show for the Bay area.  He is also going to the Eel River and will check out the area for possible outing sights.

Robert Kinney told us about buying bags of Felix’s Pay Dirt.  He said it was an excellent way to learn panning and working with dirt.  It cost about $170 but he found gold plus had fun learning.

Someone suggested we look into “adopting” some of the creeks in the area.  We’d have to clean and maintain them to a certain degree, but it MIGHT provide some extra benefits, if there should be any gold in them.

Many ideas and much information was exchanged and ‘hashed-over’ during the meeting.  It’s always fun for me to have so much member participation.  As Judge Joe Brown is fond of saying,” If you listen, you might learn something”, and I have been learning a LOT!!! Thanks everyone!

We have been invited back to the Gem and Mineral show this year.    Our wonderful vice-prez, Randy Ricci, will again be running our ‘booth’, so if you are interested in helping out, please let him know.

We had the break, then the raffle, and adjourned.

Just a few jokes; I need to tend to the big rat Buck’s cat just brought in; I hope it’s dead, for both our sake!

I hope to see you at the meeting this Wednesday evening, April 17th, at the Veteran’s Memorial Bldg here in Santa Rosa.    Kathe

(These are a little off-color)    HE:  Honey, do I please you in bed?  SHE: Yes sweetheart.  I love that trick you do with your mouth!  HE:  WHAT trick?!!  SHE:  The one where you shut it and go to sleep!

1st guy:  Do you ever look at your wife’s face when you make love?  2nd guy:  I did once until I saw the anger in her face!  1st:  Why anger?  2nd:  She was looking in the window!

Marriage is like a deck of cards;  at first it’s all hearts and diamonds, but then as time goes by, you wish you had a big club and a spade!

“Heavenly Hotel  front desk.  How may I help you?”     Guest:  “You need to send someone up to our room IMMEDIATELY!  My wife and I are having an argument, and she says she’s going to jump out the window!   Desk:” I’m sorry sir, but that’s a PERSONAL matter.  Take care of it yourself”  Guest:  “Listen  you idiot!  The damn window WON”T open!  THAT is a maintenance problem, and YOU need to take care of it!”