June 14, 2010

Something Bright

by Rose Klemenok

The water was flowing down a stream
at a spot I’d planned to wade.
I used my shovel as a cane,
I’d cross before sunlight would fade.

At the other side something bright
made me stop to check it out.
“Could that be gold,” I told myself,
but my mind gave me some doubt.

Then a snake slithered by,
I watched it reach the shore.
I felt a chill run down my spine,
a fear right to the core.

Sure enough a nugget bright,
I lifted in my hand.
I cleaned debris around this gem,
and blew away the sand.

I worked until the sun went down
for I was sure I’d find,
another rock to call my own,
but darkness was not so kind.

The next day there I was again
and every day thereafter,
still doing what I loved,
for it brings me joy and laughter.