June 14, 2010

To California

by Rose Klemenok

Everyone was heading west,
we bid loved ones goodby.
Our journey long of sky and sun,
I braced myself from cry.

I held the reins with bloody hands,
my husband sick with fever,
and when a rabbit crossed my path,
I nailed him with my cleaver.

Our dog enjoyed his share of food.
We’ll settle on this land.
As soon as John is on his feet,
we’ll hire an extra hand.

I’ve seen my share of heartaches,
of dreams that died in vain,
of riches never happened,
of crops dying for no rain.

No one said it would be easy,
life can deal some awful blows,
one foot following the other,
lifting our chin up as we go.

Then with luck we made discoveries,
minerals of high quality,
purchased much we shared with others,
those with less ability.

If I had to do it over
all I did I would repeat.
though my footpath has been bumpy,
I’d still stand proud on my feet.