Bear River Outing 09/06-09/12/2020 ($30 per per week or $10 per night)

This year the Bear River outing will be from Sept 6 (Sunday) thru Sept 12 (Saturday) out by 12 PM. The club has both the upper and lower campsite. The fees for the group campsite went got up, so the club is asking for some help in paying this year. The club is asking for $30 per adult for the week for club members and non-members $10/person per night. The club East Bay Prospectors has the group site from Aug 10 thru 16, we are welcome to come and they would like to charge $10/person per night to cover their expenses and if some of their members want to stay in our outing days we will charge the same for our club. Kids free.

I will have the combination to the Park and Rec lock on Sept 4 or earlier so those who are going will have to text or phone me at 415-827-8255.

You can contact Pat at the East Bay Prospectors club for the combination her cell is 707-287-1057


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