February Nugget News

February 2011 Nugget News


We had an interesting meeting in January.   James Conrad was in charge since our president was in Hawaii   He introduced himself and thanked all the people who provide a little extra to the meetings; people who bring food and drinks, David Yoch for the name tags, Rose Fisher for the coffee and tea , etc.  And if the meeting veered from the usual script, ( NOT a bad thing!) James made up for it by involving more members in the proceedings.

I spoke about my conversation with Walt Wegner from PLP and the paperwork and information he gave to me.  There was even a PLP bumper sticker which Overton Greene won.   James talked a little about PLP,  as did several members.

James next asked for suggestions for future outings and this topic again generated a lot of talk and suggestions.  Bill Lieberman suggested Union Flat, explaining that you cannot use metal detectors but could use sluice and/or pan. Pete Riley would like to go to Alpha Pits.  Martha V. wanted to know if anyone was going to the Washington Mine Auction is August.

Frank Maytus was asked to talk about the stuff he brought.  Frank’s information got James talking about his claim and the improvements that have been made.  Along with upgrades to the road, there are now places to camp, and places to hi-bank.  He’ll try to put things together for an outing.

James told about his attempt at working his claim on the side of the hill.  He states ” If you can’t take the mountain to the water,  you take the water to the mountain.”  This brought a lot of comment and discussion about the legality of this option, along with suggestions.   Frank Maytus said it was a beautiful concept but he has heard that you have to be a certain amount of feet from the main river, and you can’t use a motor to pump the water, only hands.  ANOTHER new law says you CANNOT suck anything out of the river; no sucking devices from the main water source.  GEEZ! Can we do ANYTHING anymore???  These rules and regulations will be further researched; HOPEFULLY we will be able do more than just LOOK at our claims.

Frank Maytus said he will invite people to his claim, but cost of admittance will be a letter.  Frank wants us to each write a letter to Gov. Brown about suspending the restrictions on dredges, at least until the environmental report from Fish and Game is published  ( you know, the ‘report’ they  have been, and still are,  sitting on?!).   If anyone needs help writing your letter, I’ll help.  Please let me know via e-mail,  snail mail, or phone message.  Frank also said you can just give him the letters and he will mail them.  How easy is that!?!

James told a story about going into a long culvert with Pete  Knee-Pads Riley.  They figured the sand/dirt filling the culvert had to be rich with gold, so they were planning to remove  the several tons of sand and process it.  It was a funny, enjoyable story.

For most, the meeting was an enjoyable,  member involved discussion about hi-banking, sluicing, laws, regulations, government, sharing knowledge, and funny, enjoyable stories.  We had a good exchange about ideas and ways to use your claim, being very understandable and very productive, with fun mixed in.

The only outing planned so far is the Bear River Outing.  Frank Madsen took the initiative and started early; he has the campground reserved for SRGD use on August 19 thru Aug 22 at 12:00PM.  The cost to the club is around $600, which covers the campground, the refundable deposit, and the one million dollar insurance policy that is required.  We get back $250.00 IF the campground is clean and undamaged when we leave, which has thus far been the case.  A large thank you to the conscientious people using the campgrounds, and for people like Richard Giddens for ‘police-ing’ the campground before leaving to be sure no one left their trash or junk behind.  $250 is a  lot of money to spend for garbage pick-up; I would rather use it for future outings instead of trash removal.

Speaking of refundable deposits:  Ben Conrad had requested the return of our $250 deposit from the October Bear outing.  He still hadn’t received it, so before the meeting he phoned to ask where it was.  Their response: they sent it to the wrong address,  but would re-issue a check and get it to him.  This is probably truthful, but I did enjoy the old “the check is in the mail”, or “I must have sent it to the wrong address” excuses  we hear so often when someone owes us money; I think I’ve used them myself a time or two!!!;););)

David Yoch talked to us about the name tags, how to get one, the proper use of them, and to please stop taking them home. (THAT means you, Buck!)

Bob Draper brought some incredible fossils found at Shasta Lake.  Apparently with the low water, a large deposit of fossilized shells was discovered.  Bob gave a brief lecture on the fossils and it made me want to get in the car and go find my own.  Thanks Bob!

Rose Klemenok was not prepared with any of her deliciously funny jokes; she was enduring the heartbreaking loss of her elderly dog, and just didn’t feel like laughing.  Rose, we thank you for all you do for us; our hearts go out to you and we hope you feel better soon.

This also reminds me that one of our SRGD ‘family’ has died.  I will truly miss Joe ‘Sarge” Alger.  He was always so pleasant, always had a ready smile; he had convictions but didn’t try to ram them down your throat.  There were MANY times Joe set me up with pranks and jokes, but they were never vicious, and we BOTH had a good laugh.  I will miss him and know many others will too.  I will bring a card for members and friends to sign at the meeting on Wednesday night, but if you are unable to attend,  it will be sent representing all the members of SRGD.

Elmer Rosenblad has been recovering rapidly from his heart surgery.  Keep up the good work Elmer!  We miss your  smile and your knowledge.

Buck has been in the hospital again; 3 weeks now.  I think he’s having too much fun with the nurses!!!

Has anyone heard from Jolene and/or Doug Dusseau?  Hey Doug and Jolene.  We miss you and would love to see you.  Please, please think about paying us a visit.  There are many homes that would love to host you if you came to see us.

Here’s hoping to see you on Wednesday, February 16, at the Sonoma County Veteran’s Building, Maple Avenue, across from the So Co Fairgrounds Main Pavilion entrance.   Meeting starts at 7:00PM, but you can come early.  Visitors and guests are always welcome, and no fees are required.

Take care,

Kathe Close for SRGD

Jokes from members:


A man is driving around the back woods of Montana and sees a sign in front of a broken down shanty-style house: TALKING DOG FOR SALE.   He stops and get out  of his car as the home owner appears and tells him the dog is in the backyard.

The guy goes around the house and sees a nice looking Lab sitting in the backyard.   “You talk?” he asks.  “Yep” answers the dog.  After the guy recovers from the shock of a talking dog, he asks “SO, what’s your story?”      The Lab looks up at him and says, “Well, I found I could talk when I was really young.  I wanted to help the government, so I joined the CIA.  In no time, they had me jetting from country to country, sitting in rooms with spies and world leaders,  cuz no one figured a dog would be eavesdropping.  I was one of their most valuable spies for 8 years running.  But the stress and traveling really tired me out, and I knew I wasn’t getting any younger so I decided to settle down.  I took a job at the airport doing some undercover security, wandering near suspicious characters and listening in.  I uncovered some incredible stuff, won lots of metals and awards.  I got married, had a mess of puppies, and now I’m just retired.”

The guy was so amazed, he goes back and asks the owner how much he wants for the dog.”Ten dollars” says the owner.      “TEN DOLLARS!!!! This dog is amazing! Why so cheap?”

“Because he’s a LIAR!  He never done any of that stuff!!”

An elderly man and his wife traveled to Jerusalem.  Unfortunately, the wife died before the end of the vacation.  The old man was asked by a burial official if he would like his wife buried in Jerusalem; the transport papers and forms were very long and very expensive.  The old guy said “NO! Absolutely not!  I want her shipped back to California!”

The burial official asked if it was because the wife so loved California?  Or did the old man want her body buried at home so he could visit her grave?  And, most important, was he sure he wanted her shipped home because the cost was astronomical and the paperwork exhausting.      The old man replied without hesitation, “No, it has nothing to do with her loving California, and nothing to do with visiting her grave.  NO, I heard that many years ago, you buried a man here in Jerusalem, and three days later he rose from the dead!    I’m not taking ANY chances!!!”