Hey everyone,

Last month Randy Ricci, our VP, led the meeting and he did a very good job.   Randy is relatively new to the club compared to some of the members, but his dedication knows NO bounds.  We are thankful to have Randy; he is definitely an asset.

At the June meeting more ideas and facts were shared.  Each month more people are contributing and sharing locations, valuable tips and information.  Even I can understand the information being shared, and I know next to nothing about mining, metal detecting, and finding gold.  Having so much member-participation and information sharing is bringing more ‘energy’  to our meetings, and it’s interesting and fun.  Thanks everyone.

I want to remind everyone about the Annual Picnic at Danny & Stacy Laborin’s clubhouse this Sunday, July 22.  We’ll start setting up around 10:00 AM.  “Official”  start time is 11:30 AM, but come any time.  (Roger will give the information for the Metal Detector Contest at the meeting Wednesday night, so be sure to come). We’ll select the Judges for the Cook-Off at the picnic, with the categories this year being Main Dish, Side Dish, Desserts (my favorite), and  All Around Favorite.  It’s just a fun competition, so bring something you are proud to share.

I will need volunteers to cook the chicken and beef before the picnic, so PLEEEEZE see me at the meeting and we will make the necessary arrangements.  If unable to attend the meeting, you an phone me at 707 575 8915; I often lose the phone, so if I don’t answer, leave a message and I will get back to you.   The picnic is a family affair; all family and friends are welcome.  New members and people who want to check us out are welcome.  There is no charge for the picnic, but we do ask that you bring something to share; a side dish, salad, dessert, any food you chose to share.   SRGD provides the drinks, meat, and utensils, but bring anything you want; there are no food police.  If you don’t know how to get to Danny’s, you take hwy 101 to the hwy 12 interchange.  Take hwy 12 west to the Stony Point Rd exit.  On Stony Point, go north (NW) to West Third St. At signal lights, turn left on West Third.  Follow W-3rd until you come to Arboleda (it turns into the mobile home park on the right hand side) Charro is immediately to the left.  We will have markers to guide you and Danny will give more info at the meeting on Wednesday July 18, at the Vet’s Bldg.   If you need better directions, call James, Danny, or me.

Annual dues are due this month.  Single is $30.00 and Family is $35.00.  These fees pay the rent and defray some of the outing and event costs.

See you at the meeting.

Sent from a member:  A woman decided to host a white elephant party.  Everyone was to bring something they could not use but which was too good to throw away. The party would have been a great success except that 11 of the 19 women brought their husbands.

Three women decided to go to Mexico and celebrate their college graduation.  They got drunk, woke up in jail charged with   a serious crime and were to be executed in the morning.  The red head was strapped into the electric chair& asked if she had any last words.  She said, “I just graduated from Norte Dame and I believe in the power of God to intervene on behalf of the innocent…and I AM innocent.” The executioner threw the switch and nothing happened.  They all fall to their knees and beg forgiveness and release her.  The second woman, a brunette, is strapped into the electric chair and offers her last words: “I just graduated from Harvard School of Law and I believe in the power of justice to intervene on the part of the innocent.”  The switch is again thrown, and again, nothing happens.  Again they fall to their knees, beg forgiveness, and release her.  The last graduate, a blonde, is strapped in and says, ” Well, I’m from the University of Kentucky and just graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  And, I’ll tell you right now, ya’ll ain’t gonna execute nobody if you don’t plug this darn chair in……”

See you ya’ll at the meeting!


PS I’m being entertained by a three year old right now, so if this letter doesn’t make sense, I’ll use that for an excuse!