Summer seems to finally be here!  Hopefully you will have some gold stories to share with us at the meeting this Wednesday, June 20 at 7:00 pm.

We had a smaller, but no less interesting,  meeting last month.   James started the meeting asking about outings anyone took, and ‘who went where?’     After people told about their outings,  James talked about  what he calls his “linear-classifier sluice”.     Randy Ricci talked about an upcoming outing to Roaring Camp, the costs, etc.  He plans to have an outing July 8th, so if you are interested, come to the meeting and talk to Randy.  It’s $36.00 for the day; there’s an ancient river bed; you can pan or use metal detectors; you can use sluices, pans, sleeves, etc but nothing motorized.     Randy also talked about the Solar Eclipse.  He gave some cool info and his enthusiasm made me want to build the viewing box right then and there.  The last eclipse of this kind was in 1889, and we won’t have another for some 100 years.  At least not in our life-time.    James talked about going to Bear and finding a Boy Scout camp there also.  It was fun for him to interact with the Scouts, ‘sit-in’ on some of their lessons, and also impart some of his knowledge.   He also went to Drew Brennar Campground (?)  He and Brett Moore were starting their day when the meteor crashed to earth.    Danny and Justin Laborin talked about their outing; Justin is like his dad – quite an interesting story teller.  They both entertained us.  Thanks guys.

We are asking for fund raising ideas; we want to buy more T-shirts for the club but don’t want anyone to be stuck with the costs involved.  The last few orders were paid for by a club member and as the shirts sold, the member was paid back.  Since it takes about a year (or more) to sell all the shirts, the person footing the bill doesn’t get paid back right away.  SO, if you have ideas on how to pay for the T-shirts, bring them to the meeting.      Cecil talked about Doug; he is still having a hard time with the mercury poisoning, but Doug is tough, so he and Jolene are plugging along.  All our positive thoughts are with you two.  Elmer saw Clay Rodgers; he’s in Sparks and doing fine.  Lance asked if anyone remembered Dan Gibson, and does anyone have his contact information?  We had the break, came back, and had the Raffle.  Before we adjourned, it was suggested that people bring their ideas, information, etc on their inventions to the next meeting.    Meeting was adjourned and everyone was wished a safe trek and lots of gold.

I have been going through Buck’s things, and I have found some of the outing information from the 1990’s.  It may be obsolete, but I will bring it to the meeting.  There is also some blue-print type stuff which I will also bring.  There are some of the old Roaring Camp ads, and some fun stuff; old maps from outings, weights and measures: ” stuff”.

Here are a few “thoughts” sent to me………..

My husband and I divorced over religious differences; he thought he was god, and I didn’t!

I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy EVERY minute of it!              Beauty is in the eyes of the BEER holder.    Earth is the insane asylum of the universe.     I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather…..not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car!      Being ‘over the hill’ is much better than being UNDER it.     WRINKLED was not one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up!!!     The original ‘point & click’ interface was a Smith and Wesson.        My “wild oats” have turned to shredded wheat.

See you at the meeting.