May 2012 Nugget News

Hello again,

This month I am making the newsletter short, if not so “sweet”.    I will give the basics of last month’s meeting, but to save time and money I’ll try not to go on and on with my rhetoric.        We had a big attendance at the April meeting, but we did miss some of the usual faces.  James  C. welcomed everyone.  We had several new people in attendance.   Rose once again started the meeting with a funny story; again, thank you Rose.   Randy and Cecil shared the info they gathered about Roaring Camp.  The costs seem fair for the benefits received, so we will consider an outing there sometime this year.   Cecil  also mentioned that he had seen an advertisement video about Roaring Camp and he suggested that our club make a video about some of our “adventures”.  It’s definitely something to think about.  Do we have any videographers in the group?  We would put it on the internet; possibly on our web page.   The annual picnic will be held at Danny & Stacy’s clubhouse; tentative date is July 22.  Danny will firm the date and let us know at this month’s meeting.    Phil Herzog delighted us with the news that he got married last month.  We wish you many happy years together.    James C. talked about his building and experimenting with the gravity dredge.  Frank M.  shared instructions on how to build the dredges.    James also spoke at length on classifying and getting ALL the gold from your equipment.   Frank Madsen talked about the use of a ‘BlueBowl’ and of course I had to comment on thinking they called it ‘BlueBalls’ when I first heard Claude, Richard, and Buck talk about a BlueBowl set-up.    Anyway, we had a lot of shared information on classifying and extracting all the gold, and many members joined the discussion.  Frank Madsen shared info on the Prospecting Chanel and he told us how to reach the site and how to access videos to learn other techniques.    The meeting involved a lot of information sharing, tried and true methods, and experimenting.  It’s really nice to have so much sharing and helping again.  To be ‘hokey’, there was a lot of positive energy flowing thru the meeting.      I was asked about the comments I had made concerning Oroville and as kids finding gold along the Feather River.  I shared the info and asked for someone to remind me to contact relatives whom have acreage along the River about having an outing .  Lance left me a message several days later and I tried to reach said relatives.  I haven’t heard back as yet, but  I will keep trying.   (Thank you Lance!)    There was talk about an outing to Mineral Bar and we learned the water was still “narly” at the time.   James suggested an outing to Bear River for the coming weekend.  I have hopes of hearing about that at the upcoming meeting.    As I said, the meeting was about outings, information sharing, and in general VERY positive.  There was a large attendance, making the room seem small.   We have 4 new members, and lots of enthusiasm.     We had the break, then the raffle, and the meeting was adjourned.    The joke is pretty off-color; I hope you enjoy it as I did when I read the email!  I’m told it’s a true story, but who knows………………..

A teacher gave the kids in her class an assignment; they had to close their eyes and identify the flavor of the Lifesaver  candy she put in their mouths.   They kids had no trouble identifying the flavors until the teacher gave them honey flavored candy.  None of the kids could identify the taste, so the teacher gave them this clue, “It’s what your mother may sometimes call your father.”   A little girl looked up in horror, split out the lifesaver, and yelled, ” Oh my gosh!   It’s an asshole!”   The teacher had to leave the room!  See you at the Meeting May 16th, at 6:45 pm.