May 2013 Nugget News

It’s time to remind you about the meeting for May, 2013. The meeting is still at 7:00 PM at the Veteran’s Memorial Building in Santa Rosa, on Maple Avenue. Visitors are welcome and you can check us out without having to join our club. Friends and family are always invited, so come be part of the meeting.

This month we will be deciding if to have the annual Picnic, and where to have it. I would also like some input as to what, if any, guest speakers you might like to hear from; what information do we need to research and provide for you (except where to find a mountain of gold!)If you have ideas or need information, please join us.

Minutes from April 2013 meeting: Bill L. opened the meeting. We had 2 new visitors. Charlie Cockle talked about going in search of new places for our outings. Elmer talked about ways around the dredge restrictions, all legal, but good ideas. Bill Lieberman invited anyone interested to an outing the next weekend at the South Fork of the American River. We’re hoping he had a productive weekend and will have stories to share at the Wednesday meeting. Steve Newman and son tslked about the outing he and his son went on; they had a good time and found gold too. Randy Ricci, our vice-prez, announced that he is having another outing to Roaring Camp on July 7th. Anyone interested in going on a really fun trip should contact him about costs and signing up. Randy’s announcement led to a lively discussion about other trips to Roaring Camp and fun stories; the gold that is still there and the gold that has been found. I spoke about the passing of Hope Bushgen, what a wonderful person she was, and how greatly she will be missed. We were reminded that the Central Valley Prospectors are hosting a Gold Show May 18 and 19. The GPAA will be having their Gold Show in Reno August 17 and 18. We had the break, and then Steve Reed held the raffle. There was no other business, so the meeting was adjourned.

I would like to again thank those members donating to the raffle and to the snacks for the break. Rose Fisher does a great job making sure we have coffee and hot drinks. A thanks to Elmer for bringing the cold drinks. We still need someone to do the name badges. Any volunteers?

Remember also, that donating to the raffle, bringing food for the break, or sharing information during the meeting earns you a free raffle ticket. It just takes one ticket to win.

Frank Maytus has sold his house and is moving. He would like to sell his gold prospecting business, along with the rights to selling Metal Detectors for this area. Anyone interested in finding out more about any of this can call Frank, or me, and get the information you need. I will try to have more information for you at the meeting, and in the next Nugget News.

Now, here’s a few jokes (some are off-color, so if you are easily offended, stop here!)

Two female best friends had gone for a girls-night-out. They were good, faithful spouses, and they were walking home, not driving, so thought nothing of getting pretty wasted on rum and coke. On the way home they both had to pee, and decided to duck into the cemetery to relieve themselves. One woman had nothing to wipe with, so decided to take off her panties and use them. However her friend was wearing an expensive pair of panties, and didn’t want to ruin them. She was lucky to have squatted next to a grave having a wreath with ribbon on it and she decided to use the ribbon to wipe with. Having finished their business, the ladies walked on home. The next day, one husband was upset that his normally sweet, innocent wife was still in bed with a hang-over, so he phoned the other woman’s husband. “This ‘girls-night-out’ business has got to stop! I’m starting to think the worst! Last night my wife came home drunk, and WITHOUT her panties!” “That’s NOTHING!” complained the other husband. “Last night my wife came home with a card stuck to her butt that said, ‘From all of us at the Fire Station….We’ll never forget you!’ “

Two old guys were talking. One said, “I just celebrated my 85th birthday, and my wife got me an SUV.” The second guys said, “An SUV? Imagine that! What a great gift; an SUV!” “Yep” said the first guy, “Socks, underwear, and Viagra!”

A balding, elderly man walked into an expensive jewelry store in Florida with a gorgeous much younger woman on his arm. He told the jeweler that he wanted to buy a special ring for his girlfriend. The jeweler looked through his stock and brought out a $5000 ring. The old man said, “No, I’d like to see something more special.” So the jeweler went to his stock and brought out an exquisite ring with a price of $40,000. The young woman’s eyes light up, and her whole body started to tremble with excitement. Seeing this reaction, the old man said, “We’ll take it!” The jeweler asked how the man would like to pay for the ring. The man answered, “By check. I know that since it’s Friday night you won’t be able to verify the funds until Monday, so I’ll write the check now and leave it here. You call the bank on Monday, verify the funds, and we’ll pick the ring up Monday afternoon.” The jeweler called the bank Monday morning, then phoned the old man and angrily stated, “That check you gave me Friday night was no good! There’s NO money in that account!” To which the old man replied, “I know! But let me tell you about the AMAZING WEEKEND I JUST HAD!!!!!!!”

Here’s hoping o see you on Wednesday, May 15th for the SRGD monthly meeting.

As always,