Nugget News August 2011

Hey everyone!

At the July meeting, after James welcomed everyone, we covered several topics: the SB670 bill and the ramifications of the riders passing; Booming and gravity sluicing; the upcoming picnic; our new business cards and another banner (THANK YOU TRACI!!!!) who to purchase t-shirts from (that would be Ben Conrad);  Charlie Cockle suggested a booth at the Sonoma County Fair next year; we discussed the prices of gold and silver, and had general information sharing .  I want to remind you: If you bring a guest to the meetings, you will now get a free raffle ticket for each person you bring who might be interested in joining us, or learning more about us.   If you bring yourself, (and you’re new to us) let me know and you will also get a ticket.

The gem and Mineral Show is coming up, and they want to know if we want a booth again this year.  James will bring it up at the meeting this Wednesday, August 17 so let him know then please.

On a sad note, we learned that Martha Vander Heide had a massive M.I. on the afternoon of our last meeting (July 20).  Martha was making brownies for the meeting, started to not feel well, laid down, and died.  Martha was a long time member of the Gold Diggers, and she was quite a woman.  Her honesty, good cheer, and quick wit will be missed by those who knew her.

The picnic was held at Pennegrove Park on Sunday July 24th.  Although we deviated ‘way far away’ from the schedule, it was a fun,  pleasant day.  I thought I would miss it this year with Buck being so sick, but he decided HE wasn’t going to miss it and we did indeed get to attend.  I sincerely thank everyone for all the help and the thoughtfulness and concern you shared.  I went to the picnic stressed , “workin’ my last nerve” and within minutes I was happy, more relaxed, and really glad to be around you.  I hope everyone else had the good time I had.   Ed Babin was the over-all winner of the Food event.  The Cook-Off  was way less serious this year, but it was just as fun  as last year.  AND,  Rose Fisher, thank you so much for all the prizes you donated.

Don’t forget the annual Bear River outing is August 19th through the 22nd.  Have a good time, and if you  need directions, I do have maps; ask for one at the meeting Wednesday.

I have only one joke this time, but it goes with all the rules, regulations, and general issues we deal with…… so enjoy.  ( And please remember, it’s a joke.  You will only be offended if you want to be.)

NEWS FLASH from the Oroville Mercury Register in Oroville, California (my old home town)

A woman from San Francisco, who happened to be a ‘tree-hugger’, a liberal Democrat, and an anti-hunter, purchased a piece of timberland along the Feather River Canyon, bordering Native American land.  There was a HUGE tree one of the highest points of her newly purchased land, and since she wanted a good view of the natural splendor of her private property, she decided to climb this tree.   As she neared the top, she suddenly encountered a Spotted Owl, which attacked her out of instinct.  In her haste to escape, the woman slid down the tree to the ground, getting man splinters in her crotch on the way down.  In considerable pain, she hurried down the Feather River Canyon to the local ER in Oroville to seek aid.  When the doctor came into the exam room, she stated that SHE was an environmentalist, a DEMOCRAT, AND an anti-hunter, a member in good standing with PETA.  Only then did she begin to explain how she came to get all the splinters.  The doctor listened to her story with seeming great interest and patience                                and then told her to wait in the exam room and he would see if he could help her.  He left, and she waited THREE LONG HOURS before the doctor re-appeared.  The woman angrily demanded with much arrogance, “Where have you been, and WHAT took you so long!!??”  The doctor, he just smiled, and said, “Well, I had to get PERMISSION from the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, AND the Bureau of Indian Affairs before I could remove ‘OLD GROWTH TIMBER’ from a ‘RECREATIONAL AREA’ so close to a ‘WASTE TREATMENT FACILITY’.”  He paused, then added, “I’m sorry……, but due to the recently passed Obama Care program, they turned me down.  I’m now trying to con tact our attorney so we can make a formal appeal to the Seventh United States Court of Appeals in hopes of getting you properly cared for, in a timely manner, at tax payer’s expense.”

Hope to see you at the meeting.  And I have NOTHING against Democrats, tree-huggers, or anyone in the joke; it’s just that….. a joke.

Take care,