Hey everyone,

I hope everyone had a good Holiday Season.  Many members have said that the Christmas Party was again a huge success.  I want to thank everyone whom helped out with the party; especially Anita and Joe Adams.  I am told they came through with excellent meat and cheese trays again this year.  I was unable to attend because I chose to take care of Buck in his final days and ‘thank you’ seems a small phrase for the appreciation I feel for those whom did my duties for me; but those words will have to do: Thank You so very much.

Many of you know that Buck died January 20, 2012.  His family will be hosting a celebration of his life on February 19 at 12:00 noon and anyone who would like to attend is invited.  The Service will be at the Mobile Home Estates club house; address is 5761 Old Redwood Hwy, Santa Rosa, Ca.  I will have directions at the meeting if you need them.   The plan is for a BBQ, and if you would like to bring a side dish it will be appreciated.  Buck was a member of the Gold Diggers since its start; being a part of the club helped to keep him going.  He loved you guys, he loved the friendships, and he loved that each of you were different. Your friendship brought him great joy, and a purpose in life after he got so sick.

I am told that there will be two outings to Bear River this year.  Frank Madsen has again ‘let his fingers do the walking’ and endured the phone torture to secure the campground for us.  The first outing will be on August 13 (Monday) through August 16 (Thursday).  The second outing will be October 5th (Friday) through October 8th (Monday).  I think James will be giving more information at the meetings.

Also, the meeting will be held in the North Room for the next few months.  It’s still in the Veteran’s Building but in the smaller room.  Times are still the same: 7:00 PM until around 9:00 PM.

Since I was unable to attend the December and January meetings, I have no more news, BUT I DO have jokes!!!!!!!

A private school was recently faced  with a unique problem.  A number of 12 year old girls had begun to use lipstick.  This in itself was okay; the problem was that after they applied the lipstick they began ‘blotting’ their lips on the bathroom mirrors, leaving dozens of lip prints.  Every night the maintenance people would remove the lip prints only to have the girls cover the surfaces again the next day.  Finally the principal decided something had to be done.  She called all the girls to the bathroom and met them there with the maintenance people.   She explained that the lipstick was causing major work for the custodians each night (you can imagine the bored yawns from the little princesses).   So to get their attention the principal asked one of the maintenance people to demonstrate the work it took to clean the mirrors.  The expressions of the girls changed from boredom to horror as the custodian took a long handled squeegee, dipped it in the toilet several times, and scrubbed the mirror with it.   Since then there have been no lip prints on the mirrors.  There are teachers…….and there are educators!

See you at the meeting, February 15, 2012, North Room at the Sonoma County Veteran’s Bldg, 7:00 to 9:00 PM.