Hey ,

Looks like I am a little late with this, and I apologize. Life just keeps happening, good and not-so-good. Oh well……..

I still have not confirmed a place for the annual picnic, but I am working on it. I should have SOME info at the meeting this Wednesday; at least I am hoping to. I would sincerely appreciate some help in finding a spot. Not just names of places, but perhaps a few phone calls about costs, availability, etc.

The meeting in May was really good. We again had new people, and the atmosphere within the meeting has had subtle changes. People are participating in the discussions more, and exchanging interesting information again.

Some of the topics we discussed: James and Traci went to the Miner’s Museum in Paradise, Ca. They stated that it was fun and informational; Bill L. went to Gold Run (east of Colfax) and Dutch Flat, got lots of information, and stated it might be a good spot to get some buckets of pay dirt; Bill said he also went to see Laith, and at Dutch Creek(outside Coloma), he found a nice chunk of gold and then lost it. Danny Laborin talked about further research into rules and regulations, and knowing your rights. He gave us some info about cost of permits, high-banking, and water transfer permits. Charlie Cockle reminded everyone: ” It’s not illegal until you get caught!” There was to be another Gold Show in Fresno on May 18th and 19th; hopefully someone went and can enlighten us about that show. Buck Laborin told us he has a penny that was a ‘mistake”: it has an incomplete date struck onto it. Elmer talked about the new generator he purchased, and the trials and tribulations he went through with it. Charlie Cockle is still looking for interested people to help with a Gold Show of our own. If interested in helping, please contact him. Randy Ricci is planning the outing to Roaring Camp, and so time was spent talking about the fun people have had when going to this Camp. I think all but one of the stories shared was amusing and profitable; so from the perspective of those whom have been to Roaring Camp, it is well worth the travel and minimal expense. People were very enthusiastic about going. You still have time to sign up. It also seems that you find more gold in the $8.00 bags of dirt than the $20.00 cans.

We also had a discussion about discontinuing the Nugget News; more people are for keeping it than those wanting it stopped. This will be the last newsletter on paper for those of you whom have email; we voted to have as many as possible sent electronically. So, if you have an email address and would like the letter sent electronically, please be sure I have your email address. It will cut by half the cost of stamps, paper and ink. And, I absolutely appreciate members trying to cut costs so we can spend more on prizes for the raffle. The suggestion to discontinue the ‘letter’ was out of concern for my time and for the costs of the letter.

Some of the topics to be discussed at this month’s meeting: T-shirts, and postal meter instead of stamps. AND, the biggie: MEMBERSHIP DUES are UP starting this month. Time to pay for another year! Singles: $30.00 and family: $35.00. If you plan to pay by check, PLEASE remember to make it out to me, or a member of the Board; we do not have a club bank account and CAN NOT cash checks made out to the club., so no check made to SRGD will be accepted. I still have checks from last June that couldn’t be cashed because of this, so: No exceptions.

When I told the members about Rose and Paul Klemenok being unable to drive at night, Elmer stated that he will stop by their home and pick them up, and deliver them home after each meeting. Rose and Paul are one of the cornerstones of our club, and it is viewed as a tragedy to lose them. Thank you Elmer; you are the best!

I have 2 jokes from Dick Sibbet; get ready to laugh!!!

Mr. Simpson was a lawyer who was very successful at getting charges dropped. But in this particular case, he needed to bribe a man on the jury to hold out for a reduced charge of manslaughter as opposed to the State’s charge of first degree murder. The jury was out for 5 days before they finally returned with the manslaughter verdict. When Mr. Simpson paid the corrupt juror, he asked if he had had a very difficult time convincing the other jurors to see the evidence his way. “Sure did!!” the juror exclaimed, “the other 11 jurors wanted to acquit!!!”


Ma comes running into the kitchen hollering, “Pa, Ya need to go out and fix the outhouse! NOW!” Pa replies, “Thar aint nuthin wrong wit the outhouse!” Ma yells back, “YES, thar is! Now git out thar an’ fix it.” Pa moseys out to the outhouse, looks around and yells back, “Thar ain’t nuthin wrong wit the outhouse!!” To which Ma again replies, “Yes, thar is! Stick yer haid in the hole.” Pa yells back, “Ah ain’t stickin mah haid in that hole!” Ma yells back, “Ya HAVE ta stick yer haid in the hole to see what needs a-fixin’.” So, reluctantly, Pa sticks his head into the hole, looks around and yells back, “Ma! Thar aint nuthin wrong wit this here outhouse!” Ma hollers back, “Now take yer haid outta the hole!” Pa happily jerks his head up, anxious to be out of the hole, when he is stopped short, and begins to yelp, “Ma, HEP me! Hep me! My beard is stuck in the cracks in the turlet seat!” To which Ma replies, ” Hurts, don’t it Pa?!?? Now fix the durn outhouse!”


Doctors have been consulted, and have come to the conclusion: There IS a MEDICAL distinction between BALLS and GUTS: here’s the distinction. (Do you know them?)

GUTS: arriving home late after a night out with the guys, being met at the door by your wife with a broom in her hands, and having the GUTS to ask: ” Are you still cleaning, or are you flying somewhere?”

BALLS: coming home late after a night out with the guys, smelling of perfume and beer, having lipstick on your collar and neck, slapping your wife on the butt and having the BALLS to say, “You’re next, Chubby!”

I hope this clears up any confusion on the definitions; medically speaking, there is NO difference in the outcome. BOTH ARE FATAL!!!

See you at the meeting, June 19th, around 6:45 P.M.

Take care and have fun!