October 2012


Lots going on in this last month.  We had the Gem and Mineral Show, the Bear River outings, and the search for new meeting places, as well as a ‘lively’ meeting!  If you attended the September meet, you know what I am talking about.

The September meeting started with a bang, literally.  Several disagreements were aired before the start, but after about fifteen tense minutes, everyone calmed down and the meeting got started.  Where else can you get entertainment like that?!! (just trying to lighten up a tense topic!)  But it did seem to loosen everyone’s feelings, and there was a lot of input and lots of suggestions; It really was a good meeting.  It’s as if by unleashing the anger and misunderstanding, it also released everyone, and we had much more member participation.  Crazy, Yes?

One of the topics mainly on MY mind is the renewal of our lease with the Vet’s BLDG.  We have looked elsewhere and haven’t found anyone under the hourly rental fee.  The insurance went up again,  and it come out to around $175 a meeting.  We had thought the Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center would be a good fit, but it turned out to be WAY over the top, expense-wise.  It was $80 AN HOUR, plus $200 for deposit, PLUS $5.00 PER MEMBER, paid up front.  WHAT!!!???? We have to pay for members, even if they don’t attend?!  Not on my watch!  SO, if you know of any place that doesn’t charge more than $35 an hour, or some FREE Club House in the community where you live, PLEASE let us know. Less for expenses means MORE for nuggets.

UPDATE:  We have a better rate with the Vet’s Bldg management company; it will cost the club around $120 a night which is better than $175.  We will still be looking for a less-expensive place, so please keep looking.  But this is a better rate I worked out for us.

From all the comments, Randy Ricci was the star of the Gem Show, AGAIN.  We are lucky to have someone so enthusiastic as our Vice-President.  Thank you so much Randy!  Please tell us all about the Gem Show at the upcoming meeting.

I have also been told that the mid-week trip to Bear River was a success; everyone I have spoken with has said what a good time they had, and hope to have more outings there in the coming year.  While I write this, the other Bear-Outing is taking place, so we’ll hear about it at the meeting, too.

UPDATE(again!):  From everyone I have spoken with about the second Bear outing, it was a huge success; LOTS of gold was found and there is a huge surge in interest for MORE outings.  Come to the meeting and find out more.  But, from what I heard, it was a GOOD amount of gold found…….Find out if it was rumor or fact!

We will be having the Board of Directors elections in December, at the Christmas meeting.  I mention this so if you think you might want to run, or want to nominate someone, it will give you time to do so.

I would like to say how pleased I am that more members are coming forward to help with the “duties” of the club.  It takes a huge burden off the shoulders of the people trying to keep this club afloat.  THANK YOU!!!  We still need your participation for the upcoming elections.  If you are on the Board you have free membership for the time you sit on the Board; it used to be that, if you were the Prez, you were nominated to receive life-time membership, and then the club would vote for yes or no to that. But since the WHOLE board does the work, it was voted upon and ratified that the lifetime membership would be discontinued after Frank Maytus, and the Board members would receive free membership for the time they held office.  Most of the Board members still pay their dues, but that is a choice they make.  (Just trying to drum up some candidates for the up-coming election)  If you think you might like to hold an office, please let me know so I can print up some ballots, or at least post the candidates so members will know WHO is running, and for what.  Think about it, okay?  Especially if you don’t like the way something is being done; don’t just grumble to yourselves, stand up and change things.

Also, a reminder that if you bring someone to a meeting, you receive a free raffle ticket; bring food to share, same thing, and if you get up and share with the club, another free ticket.  Many nuggets have been won with those ‘free’ tickets.

Hopefully we’ll see Jim and Maryann at the meeting, as well as Paul & Rose, and, well, there are too many members missing to print; but we do miss you and wish you’d come back.  Think about it?

I almost forgot!  The reason you didn’t receive a Nugget News last month:  My printer stopped working   the very day I was doing the newsletter; I just didn’t have the money for a new one.  But family has come to my aid, and so I have a sleek new printer to use for the Nugget News.

See you at the meeting this October 17th, STILL at the Vet’s Bldg, in Santa Rosa.  Come hear about and SEE the gold found on the recent outings.

Joke time….. What’s the difference between roast beef and pea soup???  Answer: Just about anyone can roast beef!

An old man goes into the barber shop for a haircut and shave, but tells the barber he can’t get all the whiskers off his cheeks because they are wrinkled from age.   The barber takes a cup from the shelf and removes a ball from it.  He tells the man to put the ball in his cheeks to spread out the skin.  The man does, and when the barber is through, the man exclaims, “That’s the cleanest shave I’ve had in YEARS!!  But what happens if I swallow the ball?”   The barber replied,  “Oh, you just bring it back in a couple of days like everyone else does!”

Esther and Abe were flying on a plane bound for Australia.  Suddenly the Captain come on the intercom and tells everyone that they have lost power to the engines.  But: he thinks he can safely land on the deserted island below them.   But: unfortunately, it’s an uncharted island and there is a big chance no one will ever find them.  So: The plane safely landson the beach, and after a while Abe asks Esther, “Honey, did you send that $5000 pledge to the Public Broadcast Station before we left?”  “No dear, I didn’t” was her reply.  Abe then asks, “Esther, Did you pay the American Express before we left?” to which she answered, “Oh no, I forgot to send the check!”  He asks “What about the MasterCard?  Or the Visa?  The department store accounts?”  Esther starts crying and tells him she had been so excited to take the vacation that she had forgotten to send out any of the payments for anything.  Suddenly Abe grabs Esther, swings her around, and gives her the biggest kiss he’s given her in years.   Confused, Esther asks, “What was THAT for?”  He replies, “They’ll find us!!!”

A man boards a plane with six children.  The woman sitting in the aisle beside them taps him on the shoulder and rudely asks, ” Are all those kids yours!!?”  He replied, “No ma’am, I work for a condom company. These are customer complaints!”

And one more for the month we missed

Harold was an old man who was sick and in the hospital.  One nurse in particular drove him crazy.  She was condescending and talked to him like he was a child.  She talked down to him, asking thing like “and how are WE this morning?” or “Are WE ready for a bath?” or “Are WE hungry?”    So having had enough, one morning Harold slipped the apple juice from his tray and put it in his bedside drawer.  Later, he was given a urine bottle for a  specimen.  You know where that apple juice went! Yep, into the specimen bottle.  When the nurse came back a few minutes later to get the urine sample, she looked at it and said, “My, we look a little cloudy today!”  Harold grabbed the bottle, twisted off the cap, and drank it down before the silly nurse could react.  He then told her, “I’ll run it through again; maybe WE can filter it better this time!”  The nurse fainted.   The moral is, “DON’T MESS WITH OLD PEOPLE!

Thanks again to all the people sending me these jokes.

See you soon,

Kathe for SRGD