October 2010 Nugget News Correction

Hey there,

Just wanted to get a head start this month.  I have a correction to make to the October newsletter.

At the monthly meeting last night, Lance T. brought this to my attention.  I seem to have conveyed to some that Lance was doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing.  I am taking this time to make changes/corrections in that line of thinking.   Apparently, I made it sound as if Lance had been looking for artifacts/relics on BLM land.  This is absolutely NOT the case.  Lance is an extremely upstanding, honest, law-abiding person.  At first, I thought, “ANYONE who knows Lance would KNOW he wasn’t breaking any laws!”. Then I realized that some of you reading this, especially on the Ethernet,do not know him,…….So if in any way my blip about him made you think he was where he shouldn’t be, looking for things he wasn’t supposed to be looking for, I apologize for misleading you.  I had written: “We had the break and when we came back Lance told a story about the BLM, looking for relics, and gold; an interesting story about a big copper plate he found and when turned over it had melted gold on it in several spots.”

Lance provided me with a statement:

“In regards to the October newsletter, Lance wishes to add the following.  Lance was looking for gold nuggets and by chance saw a copper plate.  Others had been told by BLM that it was not permitted to look for relics on BLM land.  Yet as the copper plate was on private land, Lance reported the plate to the local museum who said they would contact the land owner.”

I apologize for any mis-information; It was an interesting story involving gold, a whole lot of it, and Lance’s quest to find the rightful owner, plus trying to get parts of our history out there for everyone interested in it.  Or, at least, that was MY take on it.  I was hoping to get others intrigued enough to come to our meetings and ask more about the story.  I hope I haven’t given any more mis-information; Lance has many interesting stories and I want others to enjoy them as much as I do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this correction.


Kathe for SRGD