October 13, 2016

Books, Periodicals, Magazines

1. ) Geologic Guidebook Along Highway 49 – Sierran Gold Belt, Bulletin 141, THE MOTHER LODE COUNTRY, 1948, Division of Mines, Ferry Building, San Francisco.

2.) The Geochemistry of Gold and its Deposits (together with a chapter on geochemical prospecting for the element), by R.W. Boyle, Energy Mines and Resources Canada, 1979.

3.) International California Mining Journal (ICMJ), www.icmj.com.

4.) Pick & Shovel Gazette, Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA), www.goldprospectors.org .

5.) Location and Validity of Mining Claims and Sites in California, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), www.blm.gov .

6.) Gold Districts of California, Bulletin 193, California Division of Mines and Geology, Sacramento, CA., 1970