Wow! Time for this again! Most importantly, THERE WILL BE NO MEETING THIS MONTH!!!~!!!! The monthly meeting will be ‘held’ at the outing at Bear River this month. Also, this outing is in the middle of the work-week, and it is not paid for by the club. The next outing is the weekend outing and is paid by the club. This outing is August 14, 15, and 16, and out on the 17th by noon.
Short re-cap of the July meeting: James Copenhaven died 7-10-12 from complications of surgery. He was such a great person and his charm, wit, and good nature will be missed. We won’t have a meeting in August and will check into a new location to hold meetings; the rent has REALLY been raised again! We’ll keep you posted. The Gem and Mineral Show will be held at a new location this year, and have again requested use to participate in their show. Last year Randy, Buck, and Charlie did such a great job for them that we were the most popular booth at the show. Randy is putting together another great booth, but we do need volunteers. The event will be held at the Wells Fargo Center on September 29th & 30th. We will have free passes for volunteers plus meals. Contact Randy Ricci, me, or James Conrad for more info. We need your help! We had a fun, informative Show & Tell. We also talked about new spots to “hunt”, and the amount of gold found in these new spots. Pete shared some of his ‘inventions’ as well as some efficient tools and equipment.
The picnic was held July 22. It was truly one of the best picnics we have had in years. Thanks again to Kathy Madsen, Rose Fisher, well, EVERYONE who helped make this year’s picnic so successful. There are too many people to thank to put names in this letter, but I most sincerely appreciate your help, and YOU made the picnic one of the best in years. THANK YOU!!!
Does anyone know where Rose and Paul Klemenok have been? We miss Rose and her stories!
Remember, no meeting this month, but we will see you on Wednesday, September 19th, here at the Veteran’s Bldg. Start is still 7:00 PM. And if you haven’t paid your dues, bring your money. If you can’t bring your money, contact me and let me know if you are still interested in being a member.
Some jokes sent by members:
A young couple had been dating off and on for years when the man finally proposed. “I knew this would happen,” the woman thought to herself, “What do I do now!?” “Well, will you marry me?” he repeated. “I’m sorry, but I just CAN’T!” she replied. “Why? Is there someone else?” he asked. “Oh, there’s just GOT to be!”
An elderly gentleman had a serious hearing problem for many years. He finally went to a specialist who tested his hearing and set him up with a new set of hearing-aids. The man’s hearing became 100%. The elderly man came back in for an appointment a month later to have his progress checked. The doctor said,” Your hearing is still perfect! I bet your family was surprised and thrilled for you!” The gentleman said, ” Oh, I haven’t told them; I just sit around and listen to the conversations they think I can’t hear. I’ve changed my will five times so far.”
Stay cool,