SRGD Nugget News September 2014

                            SRGD NUGGET NEWS FOR SEPTEMBER 2014


Can you believe it? I’m finally getting a newsletter out again.

I had problem after problem with my computer after I moved to Sebastopol over a year ago; I finally just bought a new computer and thought my problems were solved. Then I realized that I didn’t know how to use version 8 of Windows, so after threatening to run over this laptop and throw it at BestBuy, I THINK I finally figured the Word program out. Time will tell.

I truly hope you start coming to the meetings again if you haven’t been attending.  We’ve had some really good informative discussions, and a lot of sharing.  A lot of new members too.  And, some people are returning after a few years, and that is always nice.

If you haven’t been to a meeting for a while: we had the first club outing at Bear River in August, and also the Roaring Camp outing; you missed Randy talking about his adventures there, and you missed some good fun.  Randy is always entertaining, and always makes us smile and laugh, often at his expense.

We’ve had some guest speakers again.  In May, Shannon Poe gave us some important and very sound information.  Shannon is with AMRA, American Mining Rights Association.  Look the group up on line or contact them at: or  This group will willingly give you much needed information on most things concerning your quest for finding gold.  They work closely with the PLP, and keep themselves (and us) informed on rules, regulations, laws, andthe progress PLP is making on our behalf. Charlie Cockle talked to us about bazookas for mining.  Kim talked about the Memorial Day gold trip.  Go to YouTube and check out the stuff on black sand.  Elmer has info on auto-classifiers. These are just a few of the topics we’ve been discussing.  Heck, Randy Ricci even talked about setting the world record for Nascar cereal boxes.  He’s been written about and even interviewed for TV.  Bill’s been to the Carolinas, Ponderosa Bar, the North and South Forks of the American River.  Overton went to Placerville to the Gold Show, then to Bear and Mineral Bar, and the Iowa Hills.  And if you haven’t been attending the meetings, you missed it.

Rob Kinney has taken over the Gold Purveyor position, and it is as important as it sounds.  Roger Pruitt  filled the position for years and after an excellent run, decided it was time to ‘retire’.  That’s when Rob volunteered, and he’s really putting a LOT of effort into making the raffle prizes useful and appealing.  With gold prices so high, Rob has taken the time to shop and put together useful tools and ‘kits’ that we actually want and will use.  He takes the job seriously, and is expending lots of energy for the benefit of our club.  Show him your appreciation and buy LOTS of tickets.  J

I’m going to start mentioning businesses doing their part to help us out and keep our expenses as low as possible.  This month I want to talk about Sam’s Donuts on Petaluma Hill Road.  They have other locations, but each month these people give us our donuts at such a huge discount!  We are always given a variety of fresh tasty treats, and always by a smiling, friendl clerk.  I won’t divulge the cost here, but I will say they make NO money off us. They know we are a club struggling with the high costs everyone faces right now, and because they are such nice people, they want to help us out.  They ask nothing of us except that we enjoy the treats.  I would like to give them a huge thank you and ask that you patronize them.

I only have one joke today, but I will be back with more next month.  This is another “blonde joke”, which you know are my favorites. I posted it on FaceBook, so I apologize if you already saw it.

Two pretty women, a blonde and a brunette, got on the elevator at the same time.  The car was already occupied by a good looking man, and he flirted with both women as the elevator car ascended.  When the car stopped at his floor, he smiled, said goodbye, and exited.  As the car continued to their floor, the women discussed the man.  The brunette stated that while he was really good looking, he had a dandruff problem that needed treatment.  The blonde agreed and decided that next time she saw him she would try to broach the subject.  The brunette said, “Hey, you could just give him Head and Shoulders! No need to say anything.”   The blonde looked perplexed, and for the next floor, she was deep in thought.   Finally, she looked at the brunette, said “Okay” then asked, “But how do you give shoulders?”

Have a good week and we hope to see you on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 7:00 pm, Vet’s Memorial Bldg in Santa Rosa.

Have fun!


Santa Rosa Gold Diggers

PS: Remember if you share anything during the meeting, bring something for the break, bring a guest, donate something for the raffle, you receive a free raffle ticket. Thanks.

Ok, let’s see if I can print this……………………..And if you didn’t want a ‘hard copy’, tough!  I did it and I’m glad.  Next time.