Free Detailed Topo Maps

FREE Printable USGS PDF TOPO! Maps A quick and easy way to download any 7.5 minute topo National Geographic has built an easy to use web interface that allows anyone to quickly find any 7.5 minute topo in the continental U.S.A. for downloading and printing. Each topo has been pre-processed to print on a standard Read more about Free Detailed Topo Maps[…]

KSRO 1350 Interview

Randy Ricci and Robert Kinney recently did an radio interview on KSRO 1350 to talk about how the recent storms will effect gold prospecting this year and about the Santa Rosa Gold Diggers too. Click the link below to listen to the recording of the live interview: Interview: Have Recent Storms Created a Mini Gold Read more about KSRO 1350 Interview[…]

KRCB Interview

Randy Ricci and Robert Kinney did an interview with Bruce Robinson on KRCB last week and it aired today. See the short article Bruce Robinson wrote and listen to the recording below. Winter Rains Boost Gold Fever By Bruce Robinson • Mar 20, 2017 It may be small bits at the bottom of the pan, Read more about KRCB Interview[…]