You are invited!

In case you haven’t read the Nugget News for December 2010, we would like to invite you to our annual Christmas Party.  The dinner/meeting/party will be held at the Veteran’s Memorial Building on Wednesday December 15, 2010 at 7:00 P.M. Anyone who is a member, anyone interested in becoming a member, and/or anyone who would like to find out more about us is invited to attend.

Those attending are asked to bring food or drinks to share.  The fare is buffet-style, and the club provides the cold-cuts, utensils, napkins, cups, cheese, bread, and some condiments.  The menu runs from appetizers to desserts.  Please bring something you would like to eat, too.  No alcoholic beverages please.

After the informal dining, we will hold our monthly meeting, followed by the regular raffle.  If you donate to the raffle you receive a free raffle ticket.

Meeting business usually covers future outings, new and old places to look for gold, show & tell, and general member participation. Family, friends, and anyone with an interest are invited.

No matter what your religious, or non-religious belief, may the haliday season, and the new year bring you fortune, good health, and joy.

From Kathe, Santa Rosa Gold Diggers